• Planetary Mixer

    Planetary Mixer

    Fast and homogenous mixture. Different capacities as 0,5m³, 0,75m³, 1,0m³, 1,5m³

  • Pan Type Mixer

    Pan Type Mixer

    Long lasting, Easy service and maintenance. Different capacities as 0,125m³, 0,25m³, 0,50m³, 1,0m³

  • Twin Shaft Mixer

    Twin Shaft Mixer

    Is used for homogenous mixing

  • Single Shaft Mixer

    Single Shaft Mixer

    This mixers are used for mixing aggregate, cement, water and additives and make ready mix for production. We make single shaft mxers in different capacities; CBM 125, CBM 250, CBM 500, CBM 1000

  • Aggregate Bunker

    Aggregate Bunker

    Used for stocking different aggregate and raw materials separately, and weigh them for making mixture.

  • Aggregate Weighing Band

    Aggregate Weighing Band

    Used for weighing different raw material and aggregates which discharged from sections of the aggregate bunker.

  • Aggregate Conveying Band

    Aggregate Conveying Band

    Used for conveying the aggregate from weighing band to the mixer.

  • Cement Silo

    Cement Silo

    Used for cement stocking.

  • Cement Screw Conveyor

    Cement Screw Conveyor

    Used for carrying / conveying the cement from Cement silo to the Cement weighing System on Mixers.

  • Cement Weighing System

    Cement Weighing System

    Used for weigh and drain down the cement to the mixer according to the production receipt.

  • Water Weighing System

    Water Weighing System

    Used for weighing needed water for mixture.

  • Paint Additive System

    Paint Additive System

    Attached to the mixer for thin layer mixture to make coloured paverstones.